Boutique Agency

A Multi-Media Agency with a strong track record providing media consulting, production and publishing services, plus a full suite of support for your marketing efforts.

Do you desire a best-selling book, or speak on stages, or create a world-known podcast— this is perfect for you.  Many have the dream, but few make it a reality.  Our mission is to shift your script.

Strategic Alliance

Collaborating with talented consultants across disciplines we bring you the best of the best. Combining our talents to create Red Carpet Academy, the one stop for one on one training, group or DIY models.

We offer creative sessions to find the missing gaps. Are you a startup looking for branding or an entrepreneur ready to scale, get your A+ team together, here!

Speaking Gigs

As a presenter in front or a producer behind the camera, Anita Miranda is the voice of Miranda's Creatives, LLC services.

Anita's fear of the camera and public speaking was holding her back. As the brand, Anita learned the techniques and overcame her fear allowing her to step into the spotlight. She brings these techniques and tips to get you media ready.

Anita Miranda & Miranda's Creatives

MIRANDA'S CREATIVES, LLC brings together expertise for strategic planning, communications, and production coupled with business acumen and coaching for on camera and media success.

Our strategic allies bring experience from advertising and marketing, education and personal development, video and audio production, professional administrative, technical, or creative (social) assistance, writing and editing across industries to provide complete service. Miranda’s Creatives, LLC will design and execute a powerful communication event with clarity, consistency, and care.

MISSION: We assist companies and individuals to increase impact with laser-focused on-target messaging, video storytelling, poised presentations, and heartfelt imagery. We prepare you to be the director of your life, on purpose.


Anita Miranda

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